Please use the navigational links on your left to explore our website. Scag hydraulic oil? Which would you use. Southern Indiana. Thank you very much. I thought I would give you all a follow up.

At the Scag store they recomended 20w The owners manual recomends 10w for my year. The newer ones recomend 20w I wanted to go ahead and pick some oil up last night and since we had a tie here on the board I called my father for the tie breaker and he said 20w When I drained the oil I could tell it was pretty thick oil. Scag dealer was going to sell me 5 quarts, I couldnt see how that was going to be enough.

I bought 6 thinking I could always set one on the shelf. Well that wasnt enough so this morning I went back to scag web site and the new ones hold 13 quarts. Back to the store today I will go. Thanks for the help.

Even 10W 40 in the old machine will be fine. I've replaced more hydro pumps on exmarks in one season than on scags in ten years! I would use 20W50 if it were mine. I use in Dixie Chopper and used to use Mobil one in Exmark.Buying Advice. Pro Talk. Photos New media New comments Search media. Log in Register.

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Hydro fluid change on scag vride ???

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My right tire hydraulic lines blew out! Ive got the new lines all attached, but now need to refill hydraulic oil.

I am going with 20w50 per manual and a million forums lol. Problem is, I cant find it!

scag hydraulic oil type

Everything that comes up when I search for "20w50 hydraulic oil" is either for motorcycles, planes, or they call it "motor oil". Even the highly recommended Mobil 1 full synthetic 20w50 hydraulic oil says it is "motor oil" in the search results! Mad Mackie Lawn Addict. Joined Jul 11, Threads 48 Messages 1, Scags use 20W motor oil as fluid in the hydraulic drive system.

You will never find 20W "hydraulic" oil.Published on June 30th, by Brandon. However, heavy duty equipment requires heavy duty maintenance. To ensure the smooth and consistent operation of this system, it is recommended that you check the hydraulic oil after the first 10 hours of operation and every hours after that.

Additionally, you are encouraged to change the oil every hours of operation or at least once every year.

Scag Turf Tiger Hydraulic Fluid - What to use!!?? Help!

If the oil is a black or milky color with a rancid odor, it should be changed. This is an indication of the oil possibly overheating. It is recommended that at this stage, you take the time to change the hydraulic oil filter before refilling the reservoir. Remove and dispose of the oil filter. Fill the new filter with clean oil and tighten it by hand to install it. Put the speed control lever in neutral and run the engine at idle for five minutes.

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Hydraulic oil in Scag Turf Tiger

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Hydraulic Oil Change on Scag 52\

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hydraulic oil in Scag Turf Tiger. Thread starter chessmanfischer Start date Mar 31, Location Louisville, KY. I changed my hydraulic oil and filter on my Scag Turf Tiger and put oil and realized after the manual calls for weight oil.

Will it hurt mower? Should I drain and refill with ? Thanks, PaulWhitfield. Location weezertonfieldville, AL.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Hydro fluid change on scag vride??? Thread starter Chuckduck Start date Apr 7, Chuckduck LawnSite Senior Member. Location Illinois. Thanks in advance! Langford LawnSite Member. Location North Georgia. Location MN. Basically run it to normal temp. Remove the hydro filter. Let the fluid drain. Fill new filter with oil and install it. Fill resovoir.Frequent and routine maintenance is the best way to keep a machine in top condition and prevent costly issues from arising over the long term.

scag hydraulic oil type

For owners of Scag riding mowers, proper maintenance will ensure reliable functionality and high levels of efficiency. There are a number of items to inspect and replace when maintaining a Scag mower and keeping track of all of them can be difficult if only some are done at a time. The best approach to keeping the mower maintained is to follow a consistent schedule. This will ensure that nothing is overlooked and that all equipment is replaced on time.

scag hydraulic oil type

The primary items in need of replacement are various fluids and filters. Engine oil should be checked after every eight hours of operation and replaced as necessary, although no later than after every hours.

The engine oil filter should be replaced every hours. Owners should change the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic oil filter, and the fuel filter at least once a year or after hours of operation.

Essential replacement parts vary depending upon the maintenance schedule. As described above, owners will eventually require oil filters for the engine and hydraulic system, a fuel filterand coolant for liquid-cooled machines. Additional parts may be necessary upon inspection, such as new belts or new blades. Before performing any maintenance on any machine, ensure that the machine is not running. For added security, remove the spark plug wire or disconnect the battery.

If the machine was recently running, allow it to cool before performing any maintenance. Before working on the machine, ensure that the parking brake is set and that the machine is on flat, level ground.

There should be ample space to walk around the machine. Wear heavy gloves while working around the blades; if inspecting the blades will not be a part of the maintenance, sheathe the blades while you work on the machine.

Use only the oil specified in the manual. Scag also advises that all maintenance on the hydraulic system be performed by an authorized Scag dealer. Hydraulic fluid is under significant pressure and an unexpected release of fluid can perforate skin and enter the body, resulting in serious medical complications if the fluid is not surgically removed quickly.

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Keep all body parts away from any holes or slots that eject hydraulic fluid at all times. Before any maintenance can begin, owners should inspect their mowers. Check all belts and fasteners to ensure that everything is secure.

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Inspect the blades to for any cracking or deformation and ensure that the blades are sharp. If the blades are cracked or damaged, do not weld or straighten the blades; simply replace them. In addition, owners or maintenance personnel should inspect the machine again after servicing it. Scag recommends inspecting the battery weekly or after 40 hours of operation. Ensure that the battery is clean and that the terminals are not corroded.

If they are, clean the posts with steel wool and a solution of baking soda and water.

scag hydraulic oil type

Keep this solution out of the battery cells. Inspecting the battery in a Scag mower requires removing the battery cell cap to inspect the electrolyte level, so this step should be done carefully; wear eye protection and gloves while working on the battery and do not perform this procedure near any open flames. Remove the caps and check the electrolyte level. It should be at the bottom of the vent wells. If it is below this amount, fill it with distilled water until the battery is at this level.

After inspecting the electrolyte level, replace the caps and fasten the connectors. Use a light layer of silicone dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.

Start the mower to ensure that the battery is fully functional. Sharp blades are critical to the effectiveness of any mower. Raise the deck to its highest point and raise up the front of the machine slightly to access the blades.Quick Links.

Congratulations on owning a Scag mower! This manual contains the operating. Reading this manual. The specific models that. Before operating your machine. Division of Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. Table of Contents. Scag power equipment gear drive commercial mower technical manual 25 pages. Scag power equipment hydrostatic drive commercial mower technical manual 29 pages.

Scag hydrostatic drive commercial mower technical mower 33 pages. Before operating your machine, please read all the information enclosed. To check a slope, attempt to back up it with the cutter deck down. Page 5: General Information Attachments and accessories manufactured by companies industry. However, the prolonged life and maximum other than Scag Power Equipment are not approved for use efficiency of your mower depends on you following the on this machine.

See Section 8, Paragraph This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. See Use only approved containers. Use only non- Section 4. Page Transporting The Mower Section 2 Before attempting to start the engine, with the The machine and attachments should be stopped and inspected for damage after striking a foreign operator in the seat, disengage power to the cutter deck, place the steering control levers in the neutral object, and damage should be repaired before position and engage the parking brake.

Clean up oil or fuel spillage and remove any fuel soaked debris. Allow the machine to cool before storing. Park the machine on level ground and engage the parking brake. Page Using A Spark Arrestor Section 2 Charge batteries in an open, well ventilated area, away from spark and flames. Unplug charger before connecting or disconnecting from battery.